Executive Summary

In 2020, the world market for Gems & Jewellery was estimated at US$366.7 Billion (Source: Global Industry Analyst Inc) and is projected to reach US$451.6 Billion by 2026.

This is a captive market, one that has not changed in hundreds of years, lacking in transparency and regulation. It is the domain of Ultra High Net Worth (UHNW) and the suppliers and vendors catering to them. It is an ideal environment to employ blockchain technology. With tokenisation, asset interests can be fractionalized, increasing market participation, depth, and transparency, while initiating a longer-term disintermediation process.

Current closed, unregulated, auction-based markets allow cryptocurrencies to be used for the purchase of art (including NFT's), precious stones, and jewelry, but the same reciprocal rights are not given to the crypto community unless the collectible is regulated as an SEC defined security!

A clear path can be found to remedy this situation and one that meets the existing regulatory requirements but requires more adaption to turn evolution into the necessary revolution.

In an industry-wide first, FIX00 is issuing a utility token. This evolutionary step will showcase a collectible and importantly demonstrate the legal structure and security the real-world physical asset will be held in.

The collectible is fully insured and kept with a renowned secure depository where it will remain in perpetuity, complying with regulatory standards by ensuring it can never be sold; nor a profit derived from it.

This structure will be used in our forthcoming platform to allow a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) to be issued against such collectibles, allowing not just the ability to buy and sell these unique assets in the crypto market but also ownership rights, and traceability with the smart contracts adding detailed information such as the owner’s identity, asset details, etc., for the proof of identity.

The revolutionary aspect will come from authorising fractionalisation of these NFT's and a unique protocol specification for every single token. Helping create the world's first truly deep, open, liquid, and tradeable market in such assets.

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